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We're just a couple of dreamers...

We have committed to living the life we have imagined for ourselves, and chasing our dreams together. The life we both had always imagined revolves around travel, adventure, and spending our time working on creative and meaningful pursuits.

…but that was not the road we were going down, so we decided to turn around, and forge our own path, allowing our dreams to become our compass. Right now, we are digital nomads literally living life on our new road.

What are we remodeling?

Our Life! While making a home on the road, we are stripping out the parts of life that are incompatible with our dreams or hinder their attainment. Each day we are weaving in new elements, refusing to relegate the pursuit of our interests to the weekend or retirement.

Follow along on our journey as we share stories from our adventures, a curated shop featuring some of our favorite "home on the road" items, road recipes, and so much more. We can't wait to connect with you, whether on the road or through this site.

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