Writing and Traveling: Our Adventures in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Jon and I love working remotely. Even before we decided to live life on the road we loved it. Now that we travel full-time, one of our favorite things about remote work is it can allow you to travel unlike regular work that keeps you tethered to a desk in a cubicle. 

There are many different types of remote jobs in various industries. So far, one of our favorite things to do is write while we travel.

Both Jon and I like to write and did well writing in school as students. Even though we were both told by professors we should look into writing and journalism, it was a path neither of us took. However, just because it wasn't a path we wanted to take at the beginning of our careers, doesn't mean we can't ever take that path, or any others for that matter. 

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A Little Background

One of the main things we are remodeling in our lives is what we do for a living. Both of us are fans of changing jobs, careers, switching industries, learning new skills. In my case I have always gone into a job knowing about when I would want to leave. It's partly a gut-feeling, intuition sort of thing and part design. Though I never spoke it out loud before traveling, I notice now, in hindsight, that I never pictured my life as one where I would do the same thing (have the same job) my whole life.

I began my working adult life as a teacher, yet as soon as I was about to start, I knew that I wouldn't teach for more than 10 years (I taught for 9). I fell in love with Marketing while taking the Marketing 101 class in college, yet I resisted the temptation to switch my major (I stuck with Advertising and History). Nonetheless I did the corporate thing for a while as a marketer at a Fortune 500 company. As soon as I was about to start, I knew I wouldn't stay there but 3 to 5 years (I stayed just under 4). 

I often imagine being able to look back on my life and see distinct seasons. The same with Jon. It will go something like, "Remember the time you taught, and I was in the Wine industry?" 

"Oh yeah!" Remember the time we wrote a book and made a film?"

So though I am not saying we are writing a book or making a film. This is a point in time where we are diving into being creators and entrepreneurs. We both definitely enjoy photography, Jon has always had an interest in film, and I have been an on-and-off dabbler in graphic arts. We're still working through figuring out where we want to spend the majority of our time, but we're certainly having fun figuring it out.

Some of the most fun we've had so far is writing on the road. We would like to do some more writing and work towards traveling the world while writing (and photographing). We've had a lot of fun writing and we thought we'd share with you where else besides here we've been writing.

Some of Our Adventures in Writing 


We contribute regularly on Winnebago's blog, known as GoLife. We've had fun being GoLife contributors and write about our travels, experience, advice, and thoughts based on our experience traveling the country in our Winnebago. Some of our favorite articles have touched on our favorite RV upgrade, one of the greatest perks of RVing, and an RV guide to Flagstaff

Camping World

We're also contributors for Camping World. Our first article on choosing your perfect campground can be found here, and our subsequent articles can be found here soon. And for fun, you can catch our interview on their podcast here. 

Guest Blogging

I wrote a guest blog post for a blog that was started to help newbie bloggers. Though blogging (if you want to do it for money) is not really about writing, it certainly involves writing, and I would encourage anyone who might want to start a blog to go ahead and try. The worst that can happen is that you'll learn a lot and go in a different direction. In this guest blog post I tell the story of how I nearly began a blog back in '09, but stopped just shy of clicking the "publish" button on the first post. I then go into common myths that stop a lot of us from starting a blog and I recommend a book (because we can't all afford life coaches!) that can help you overcome each myth. If you're interested in the books, the titles in that article are live links (using those links if you do decide to purchase the books would support Jon and me at no extra cost to you!).

Hashtag RV Magazine

Right now we are also writing for Hashtag RV Magazine. Jon and I are both Field Editors and are about to head out on a tour to collect awesome content on everything new and exciting in the RV, Van, Camping, and Overlanding world.

So excited to be working on #RV Magazine! Give it a read and let us know what you think.

So excited to be working on #RV Magazine! Give it a read and let us know what you think.



One thing we're excited about is focusing on the small businesses and the disruptors bringing us innovative RV and camping solutions, vehicles, and gear. If you've got an Apple device, download the free app and the very first issue FREE. If you've got an Android device the app and first issue are still FREE for you too, just grab them here. If you get a chance to read the first issue, let us know what you think. You can reach Jon and me through Hashtag RV's instagram. If you're not on Insta, let us know by sending us an email here at Roaming Remodelers

That's a little bit of what we are up to. We've really had fun writing while traveling on the road and have enjoyed it so much, we'd really like to keep going with it. Are you thinking about experimenting with a new career or job? Are you thinking about trying out a digital nomad lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear what you're up to!

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