Top 5 Products For Staying Fresh on the Road

RV and Vanlife hygiene can be tricky, especially for women. These 5 products keep you clean and fresh while you adventure.

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It should be no secret that, on occasion, showers can be hard to come by when traveling in an RV or van. Every now and again a planet fitness or camp shower is not available. Even if your RV or Van has a shower, you may be running too low on water to use the shower in your rig. Some of you (probably those of you without pets) may even be able to go on some multi-day hikes. Whatever the reason, it's inevitable that you'll run into a lack-of-shower situation along your travels and adventures. But don't worry, there are still ways to feel fresh and clean until you get back to a shower. 

Here are my (Nadia's, because Jon doesn't have any favorites just yet) top 5 favorite products for staying fresh on the road. 

Top 5 Products For Staying Fresh on the Road

EO Lavender Deodorant Wipes

Why I Love Them: These biodegradable wipes are amazing! I love that they work much better than baby wipes or generic wipes. They leave you feeling very refreshed and have a nice scent. One wipe is good for both underarms and the effect is so much closer to a shower than any wipe. Not only are they great if you can't find a shower, but they're also incredibly effective at freshening you right up after a hike if your adventures for the day aren't over yet.

I originally came across these at Whole Foods, but they're easier to buy by the box instead of as singles from Amazon. These also come in a tea tree version. A note: These are made with organic ingredients but don't seem to be certified organic anymore (a product must be 95% organic to carry the USDA Organic seal). The Organic seal is shown on the manufacturer website even though they now have an NSF seal (70% organic) and the word natural has replaced organic on the packaging.

Gillette Venus Waterless Razor

Why I Love Them: I once read an interview with Reese Witherspoon on the subject of preparing for the film Wild. She asked Cheryl Strayed if she shaved while through-hiking the PCT. When Cheryl told her no, Reese asked her not to divulge that information to the movie director. Reese's reasoning: she's from the South, she shaves. Being from Florida, even if South Florida, I totally relate to Reese. There are some pretty awesome vanlife women who have quit shaving, but it's not for me. I thought these waterless razors were a great idea when I found them. They're convenient and do the trick with no water as promised.  I originally found them about a year ago at a CVS. I haven't found them in a store since so Amazon it is. 

Burt's Bees Face Wipes

Why I Love Them: I have been a fan of Burt's Bees products for a long time. I love their peppermint lip balm and their coconut foot creme. Having worked with natural and organic products for many years I always tend to gravitate to those kinds of products when I can. Natural and organic products are much easier to find now, but Burt's Bees is always the easiest to find no matter where I am. I also love that the white tea extract seems to leave this extra refreshing feeling. I count on these to remove make-up and keep my face clean if I cant' get to a shower. They're also great when we spend time in the desert. Some of our favorite places like Sedona and Moab leave you covered in sand and dust!

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Spray

Why I Love It: Even when I worked with kids I was never a big hand sanitizer person. However, when we first started RVing I figured it would come in handy to have some. I found this brand at Whole Foods and kept a little bottle in our RV living room. Now with our class C, I keep a bottle up front in the center console. I like the feel of the spray much better than sanitizer gels. For the most part this one is the only spray I have found. Also, super handy when pit toilets at national parks and state parks are out of sanitizer or don't have it. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo

Why I Love It: I cannot resist the name: Wanderlust for Sexy Brunettes! I didn't think I would like powder better than aerosol versions, but Jon really hated the aerosol sprays. I did have one dry shampoo that I picked up at a blow dry bar in Dallas that he especially hated. I have to admit it was a bit chemically smelling. I was suckered into buying it as it was sold to me as great for covering up any grays (I hate to admit my gray hairs are multiplying) because it sprayed jet black. Well, this one definitely doesn't smell chemically. It lasts longer than spray versions, and it makes more sense not to spray something in such a small space as an RV. It's also more environmentally friendly than an aerosol version, which after spending so much time in National Parks and out in nature is really starting to resonate with me as a selling point. 

It doesn't have to be hard to stay fresh and clean while traveling. These are my favorite and Jon is still searching for his favorites. What are some of your favorite products when you're on the road? Let us know in the comments below!