Fromage Fridays -Sartori Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano Pairing

This week Jon has paired Sartori's Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano Cheese from Wisconsin with Terrapin's Hopsecutioner IPA. That's right, we haven't forgotten beer lovers! This week's platter also includes roasted red tomatoes, Italian dry salami, and cashews. 

The complex flavor of this American Parmagiano-Regiano inspired American cheese reveals creamy and nutty notes. It is washed in Kentucky Bourbon which gives it a sweet smokiness. The 6 varieties of hops in Hopsecutioner complement the sweet and nutty notes in the cheese. The  roasted red tomatoes play up the sweet smokiness of the cheese while the Italian dry salami  rounds the platter out with a salty protein.

Terrapin, whose brewery is located in Athens, GA, has been a longtime favorite brewery of ours. About 7 years ago, Jon and I were just discovering the world of craft beer. On Fridays we would usually select a new beer to try. On one particular Friday, it was left up to me to go to the store and pick out a beer. At the time I had never heard of Terrapin, but I absolutely could not resist the illustrations on their beer labels! My favorite by far was the illustration for Hopsecutioner. Finding the combination of the illustration and name very clever, I took it home. I don't think Jon had it in mind for me to make a selection based on the art, but it turned out to be a solid choice and to this day Hopsecutioner is still one of our favorite India Pale Ales. 

Below you’ll find your shopping list and instructions for putting this week's platter together. We hope you enjoy!

Shopping List

  • Sartori Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano

  • Roasted red tomatoes

  • Italian Dry Salami

  • Cashews

  • Flatbread Crisps

  • Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA


Bellavitano Final Alternate Auto WB.jpg
  1. Cut your Bellavitano cheese into cubes and place in one corner of your cheese board.

  2. out flatbread crisps (or crackers) opposite your cheese.

  3. Place red roasted tomatoes in a serving bowl and set them on the cheese board.

  4. Slice the Italian dry salami and arrange in the final corner of your cheese board.

  5. Grab 2 handfuls of cashews and set them down in a mound or two on the cheese board.

  6. Open up your can (or bottle) of Hopsecutioner, pour, and enjoy the weekend!