Fromage Fridays - Rogue Organic Blue Pairing

For the first Friday of the new year, Jon has paired Rogue Creamery's Organic Oregon Blue, a blue cheese from Oregon's Rogue River Valley, and Saldo, a California Zinfandel. Honey and a Mediterranean olive mix with red chiles complete this week's platter.

The big strong flavor of the Organic Oregon Blue cheese stands up to the bold, full-bodied Zin, while the sweetness of the honey cuts through the bitterness of the blue cheese. The spicy olive mix adds contrast and keeps this week's flavors big. The Prisoner Wine Company, out of Rutherford, CA, produces one of our all-time favorite wines, which is how we discovered Saldo. We are big fans of Zinfandel (I used to think there was only White Zinfandel!) and Saldo is one of our favorites. 

Below you’ll find your shopping list and instructions for putting this cheese plate together. We hope you enjoy!

Shopping List:

  • Flatbread Crisps (we like 365's Multi-seed Flatbreads)

  • Red Chile Mediterranean Olive mix

  • Varietal Honey (we used Savannah Bee Co.'s Honey for Cheese)

  • Rogue Creamery Organic Oregon Blue (or your favorite Blue Cheese)

  • Saldo Zinfandel


Rogue Org Blue Exp Crrct-25.jpg

Step 1

Place your Mediterranean olive mix in a small serving bowl and place at one corner of your cheese platter.

Rogue Org Blue Exp Crrct-26.jpg

Step 2

Unwrap your blue cheese and place at the opposing corner of your cheese platter.

Rogue Org Blue Exp Crrct-35.jpg

Step 3

Arrange some flatbread crisps down the middle of your cheese platter. Depending on the size of your flatbread crisps you may wish to break them in half. In the remaining corner, arrange some additional flatbread crips.

Rogue Org Blue Exp Crrct-56.jpg

Step 4

Spread blue cheese onto your flatbread crisps and top each with a yummy drizzle of honey.

Rogue Org Blue Exp Crrct-66.jpg

Step 5

Uncork your bottle of Zin and enjoy the weekend!