Fromage Fridays - Etxegarai Raw Sheep's Milk Cheese Pairing

Welcome to Fromage Fridays! So what is a Fromage Friday? Pre-RV life we often celebrated Fridays with cheese, wine, and other hors d’oeuvres, often taking these items over to my parent’s house to share with them.


I had always been interested in cheeses and wine tasting, but found the two rather intimidating. Jon, however, worked in the wine industry and became quite well-versed in all things cheese and wine. I was quite impressed with his knowledge, and I enjoyed learning from him, looking forward to seeing what he might bring home at the end of the week. As a result, I grew to have some semblance of an idea what to order off of a wine list and (almost) know my way around a cheese case at the store.


Cheese and wine are a fun way to bring people together, and spend time with family and friends. Since I believe it should be fun, rather than intimidating, to select and pair the two, I thought it would be fun if we could share Jon’s knowledge, and provide fun pairings on Fridays for anyone looking to gather with friends and family over a little cheese and wine. For friends and family back home, we hope it can be another way to follow along and keep in touch until our next visit.


Here is what your platter of yummy goodness will look like for NYE '18!

Here is what your platter of yummy goodness will look like for NYE '18!



For this week’s Fromage Friday, Jon has paired Etxegarai, a Spanish raw sheep’s milk cheese, and Alberti, an Argentinian Malbec. Rounding out the cheese platter are Castelvetrano olives and a fig spread on mini toast.


The cheese imparts some nuttiness while the olives provide a cool, fresh sensation. The sweetness of the Fig spread along with the mild-mannered Malbec finish things off nicely. This platter works great for two in the RV or for a larger party. Try it out for NYE and let us know what you think.


Below you’ll find instructions for putting this plate together and your shopping list. We hope you enjoy. See you next week for another Fromage Friday!


Shopping List:


  • Organic 365 Mini Toast (any other mini toast will work)

  • Castelvetrano Olives

  • Organic Adriatic Fig Spread (we purchased at Whole Foods, but any specialty food shop or market will have fig spread options)

  • Etxegarai Spanish Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese

  • Alberti Malbec



Step 1: Etxegarai cheese is a smoky raw sheep’s milk cheese that comes from the Basque region of Spain. Unwrap the cheese and use a knife to cut the cheese into cubes. Place on one corner of your cheese platter.



Step 2: From Sicily, Castelvetrano olives are known for their mild, buttery flavor. Place the olives in a small serving dish and place at another corner of your cheese platter.



Step 3: Arrange some mini toasts on another corner of your platter. Make sure they are not too crowded (leave enough room for someone to grab without touching the others).



Step 4: Sweet and fruity fig spread pairs well with just about any cheese. Spread onto mini toasts and place the jar on the last corner of your platter.



Step 5: Don’t forget the wine! Open up your bottle of Malbec, pour, and enjoy!