5 Ways Working Remotely Improves Your Life

Working remotely changed my life. I’ve worked remotely since 2013, and Jon untethered, beginning remote work in 2016, when we launched our RV journey.

If you wish you had a remote job, go for it! Since before RV life, working from home has been improving our lives so we feel remote jobs are totally worth it. Already, more and more employers allow employees to work remotely at least part-time, which is a start. Hopefully, employers will begin to see a high demand for remote work and see benefits for them as well.  

We’re convinced our roads would be less congested, and everyone would be leading happier lives if more companies were open to remote work, so we hope the trend continues to grow.

If you choose to take the leap, here are some improvements we think you’ll note in your daily life..

5 ways working remotely will improve life.jpg


1. A 9 Yard Commute

Unless you live in a small city, chances are your commute to work is eating up precious time. My commute went down to nine yards as driving was replaced with me rolling out of my bed and taking a few steps to my desk in the spare room of our old house. If you’re one of those lucky people who live close enough to work to walk there, you won’t experience as much of a drastic change. But if you are used to commuting, you’ll feel like you got years of your life back!


Your new shorter “commute” will lead to savings in fuel costs. And with many people spending as much as three hours a day as traffic worsens in our largest cities, you’ll be saving time. Your time savings can be spent “arriving from work” earlier, allowing you to do more with your evening. Or your time savings can be spent on waking up later.


2. Improved Sleeping Habits

Which brings us to my favorite benefit: improved sleep. It wasn’t until I worked remotely that I realized that I had been walking around exhausted all the time. I was tired every day, I had just stopped noticing because I had become so used to it.


It was refreshing to stop walking around like a zombie and feel energized for a change. I wholeheartedly recommend not rising before the sun, unless you actually like to. Those of you with kids in school, may not realize the extra 1-2 hours of sleep in the morning if the kids are attending a traditional school. But! You can possibly go to bed earlier since you will be “arriving from work” earlier and can start and end your evening routine earlier.


3. Improved Exercise Habits

One of the things I was able to do with my newfound time and energy was return to a consistent exercise routine. In my case I joined a Crossfit gym with a friend and attended daily classes. I’ve always enjoyed exercising (unfortunately I also enjoy eating pizza and fries), and was even good about completing at-home workouts for a time. However, as soon as I hit my thirties (and I firmly believe you really hit your thirties at about 28 years old), I could no longer bring myself to workout after work. It seems when you hit your thirties, there’s a steep drop-off in the number of things you can do on low energy and little sleep. Lunchtime workouts are also a more realistic possibility when working remotely.

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4. Better Eating Habits

With more time in the morning, my breakfast routine was much improved. With your own kitchen mere steps from your desk, you really have little excuse to eat fast food (I confess I once did order Pizza Hut). You also won’t be removing a soggy, sad looking sandwich from a brown paper bag either. You can also snack on anything you’d like, and have small snacks throughout the day. It’s not that you can’t do some of these things with a regular desk job, but they become much easier from home (whether a home on wheels or sticks-and-bricks home). With the better eating, comes a better chance of fighting that afternoon slump. I have always struggled when 2pm rolls around, but I was able to make some tea and prepare a light slack to power through which wasn’t an option for me, personally before I found remote work.


5. Better Work/Life Balance

While working remotely I was able to shift money spent on expensive office attire to a gym membership. I was also able to shift some household chores taking up precious weekend time into the weekdays since I had extra time due to having no commute. I also found that I sat less. Since meetings are over the phone, you can actually get up and walk around for the entirety of the meeting and get the blood flowing, and avoid sitting all day in that way. Due to long commutes, and the time it takes to get ready for an office environment, so much of one’s day can become monopolized by work. Many people are forced into long commutes due to the fact that less expensive housing is often far from where jobs are located. Because of working remotely, I was able to spend more time and money on my home life.


Finding a way to work remotely can be a first step in making a positive change in your life (if you’re looking to make a change). It’s also a great first step to take towards leading a mobile life as a digital nomad. Do you like working remotely? What kind of remote work do you do? Let us know in the comments! And let us know in the comments if you have any questions!