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We’re Jon and Nadia, digital nomads currently full-time RVing in the US with our furry kiddos, Remy and Sienna.

Becoming thirty-somethings compelled us to take stock of where we were in life, and honestly examine where the path we were heading down would likely lead. As it turns out, the path we were heading down was not likely leading to the life we dreamed of. So taking to heart many of our favorite motivational quotes, we decided to make some changes, and remodel our life.

Career changes made it possible to purchase and remodel our first home. We knew a live-in flip of that property would allow us to begin to aggressively pursue our life dreams and goals. Initially inspired by the Tiny House Movement, Plan A was to downsize, and move to a city with a lower cost of living and greater accessibility to nature. Before long we came up with a Plan B and C and… What if we build a shipping container home instead, or a tiny cottage, or, or, or…?!

Our RV adventure began in August of 2016 when we left our native South Florida with plans for an 800 sq. ft. house in hand, figuring we would live in an RV during the build (with zero RV experience save for watching the YouTube channel of our heroes, Gone with the Wynns). The realization that we had the opportunity to travel the country while building our own business ultimately led us to halt our home build, and pursue loftier goals and ambitions.

Along the way, we are continually making more changes and adjustments. We left our "normal" 9-5 jobs, and are focused on unlocking our full potential as digital nomads. We love design, photography, travel, food, fitness, and home decor, and are aiming to incorporate those things in our daily life. We have set out to see what happens if we invest in ourselves, and focus on building our future with the same fire and intensity we did back when we were employees. What can we make? What will we create? What opportunities will we explore? 

We're excited to find out, and we hope you will follow along with us on this journey!